About Us

R. K. Holdings is not just a company; it’s a journey of a lifetime descending into generations.

A journey of hard work and undying efforts, of aspiring values and principles and of consistent input, it is a journey that initiated with the motivation and concentrated efforts of a man with a vision, a man with the strongest resolve, Mian Riaz Ahmad Kashif.

Mian Riaz Ahmad Kashif began with pioneering Sartaj Group of Industries in 1950s. His commendable leadership qualities and clear vision along with a cohesive effort by his brothers, Mian Mehraj-ud-din, Mian Taj-ud-din and Mian Fazal-e-Ahmad led to the emergence of Sartaj Group of Industries, one of the most renowned industrialist groups of the time. His objective approach and strong faith in unity led the group to the pinnacle of glory with Sartaj Flour Mill, Sartaj Ice & Cold Storage, Sartaj Steel Mills and Sartaj Steel Furnaces encapsulating the markets in Lahore, Karachi, Abbottabad and other cities of Pakistan.

The group remained integrated until 1989 when it was time for the second generation to explore new dimensions and opportunities in the competitive market. The Sartaj legacy descended into children of all four brothers, and thereupon, in 1989, RK Holdings was launched by sons of Mian Riaz Ahmad Kashif bearing the lamentable and irreplaceable loss of their beloved father passing away in October 1989.

Mian Humayum RiazMian Haroon Riaz Lucky and Mian Suleman Riaz, the three directors of RK Holdings incepted Riaz Kashif Textiles Pvt. Ltd in 1993, dealing in Knitwear and garment export, with Mian Humayun Riaz as the Chief Executive. Vis-à-vis RK Fabrics Pvt. Ltd was also launched in 1994, dealing with manufacturing of high quality embroidered fabric, under the affectionate guidance and support of their uncle, Late Mian Khalid Mehmood, who acted as the CE of RK Fabrics Pvt. Ltd..

In 2004, the accidental death of Mian Humayun Riaz left the family devastated. Thereupon, Mian Haroon Riaz Lucky and Mian Suleman Riaz held the reigns and Mian Haroon Riaz Lucky took charge as the Chief Executive of RK Holdings. With their exceptional confidence and intelligence they further expanded the RK Empire by launching Fairy’s Fashion Pvt. Ltd in 2005, a premier quality brand, retailing exclusively designed fine quality embroidered fabric.

Just recently, in 2012, Mian Haroon Riaz Lucky and Mian Suleman Riaz further strengthened RK Holdings by launching Steels Pvt. Ltd. This is a manufacturing unit dealing in all kinds of best grade steel production.

The RK Journey continues, and so it shall By the Grace of Almighty Allah Subhanahoowataala. The aspiring entrepreneurs; Mian Haris Humayun, Mian Muhammad Rehman Riaz and Mian Muhammad Ahmed Riaz hold the future, waiting to make their mark and crown the RK legacy to explore new horizons.

RK Management

Mian Haroon Riaz Lucky Chief Executive
Mian Suleman Riaz Director
Mrs. Noreen Haroon Director
Mrs. Sadaf Suleman Director